America’s Transpartisan Future

interview by David Schimke

Transpartisan Panel w/ MoveOn.org & FreedomWorks.org

Join Joan Blades, MoveOn cofounder, Max Pappas, of Freedomworks, with Michael Ostrolenk, The Liberty Coalition and Anda Kathryn Roman, Citizens In Charge Foundation as they discuss in transpartisan dialogue the partisan divide and how to cross it.

Lizard Tails and Perverse Effects: Social Change Without Social Destruction

Michael Ostrolenk(on screen) and Kevin Rollins talk about how we can create space for social change without completely upsetting the social order.

New Institutions as the Bulwark Against the Corporate-Political State

Michael Ostrolenk and Kevin Rollins talk about the emergence of new institutions, in the form of social media, new grassroots collaboration, and niche magazines that give space to emerging ideas.

Opening Your Philosophy: Transpartisan Thinking and Free Liberalism

Michael Ostrolenk and Kevin Rollins talk about what it means to not hide behind a "philosophical barricade".

"Transpartisan" as a Meme

Michael Ostrolenk talks to Kevin Rollins about the word "transpartisan" and how it has emerged over the last decade and what role it plays in understanding the idea of "more space" for creativity.

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