What Transpartisan Means

What It Is:

Transpartisanship is an emerging field that advocates pragmatic and effective solutions to social and political problems, transcending and including preexisting political ideologies. Transpartisanship encompasses the idea that all systems are inextricably interconnected and that successful outcomes can best be reached through inclusive, genuine, and respectful cooperation. Transpartisan democracy, in part, seeks to reintegrate the public's voice in identifying, debating, and shaping governmental policies, while continuing to protect the sovereignty of the individual.

What It Is Not:

The term "Transpartisanship" has emerged to provide a meaningful alternative to "Bipartisanship" and "Nonpartisanship". Bipartisanship limits the dialogue process to two political viewpoints or entites, striving for compromised solutions. Nonpartisanship, on the other hand, tends to deny the existence of differing viewpoints in exchange for cooperation. Both the bipartisan and nonpartisan approaches can discount the multiplicity of viewpoints that exist, which often results in incomplete and therefore unsuccesful outcomes. In contrast to these, transpartisanship recognizes the existence and validity of many perspectives. Transpartisanship advocates a constructive dialogue aimed at developing creative, integrated, and therefore, breakthrough solutions that meet the needs of all present.

What It Does:

In practice, Transpartisan solutions emerge out of a new kind of public conversation that moves beyond polarization by applying proven methods of facilitated dialogue, deliberation, and conflict resolution. In this way it is possible to achieve the ideal of a democratic republic by integrating the values of democracy-- freedom, equality, and a regard for the common good, with the values of a republic-- order, responsibility, and security.

How It Works:

The thrust of the Transpartisan notion is that our political parties, while a critical part of our government, may not, on their own, be capable of resolving certain problems. Thusly, Transpartisanship is about accessing all available stakeholders, interest groups, and specific perspectives in a process of finding innovative solutions to complex problems.

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