What Others Are Saying

Joseph McCormick (Transpartisan Alliance & Reuniting America)

Transpartisanship acknowledges the validity of truths across a range of political perspectives and seeks to synthesize them into an inclusive, pragmatic whole beyond typical political dualities. In practice, transpartisan solutions emerge out of a new kind of public conversation that moves beyond polarization by applying proven methods of facilitated dialogue, deliberation and conflict resolution. In this way it is possible to achieve the ideal of a democratic republic by integrating the values of a democracy -- freedom, equality, and a regard for the common good, with the values of a republic -- order, responsibility and security.


Joan Blades (Moveon.org & Momsrising.org)

Transpartisan dialog creates space for voices from many perspectives. It calls into question the common inclination to articulate only two sides to an issue.  Transpartisan dialog allows us to appreciate  the true complexity of community response as well as a richer set of options to work with.


Jeff Weissglass (Project on Civic Reflection)

Transpartisanship seeks to develop pragmatic solutions to the serious challenges confronting society by reinvigorating the market place of ideas and reducing the negative effects of political polarization.  The main strategies of transpartisanship are to:

  • -  view the political map as complex rather than a stark choice between two sets of ideas;
  • -  promote respect for principled positions
  • -  seek to build trust
  • -  encourage a highly engaged citizenry

Over the last four years, The Transpartisan Center and its partners have pursued leadership dialogues as a key strategy in promoting transpartisanship.  They have convened dialogues among activists, policy experts, authors, philanthropists, academics, and former elected officials with a wide range of political affiliations and views in private, invitation only retreats.

The primary goal of these gatherings has been to build trust among participants and to catalyze new collaborations among leaders with diverse views on issues of common interest.  Gatherings have occurred around the broad issue of democracy in America, around policy issues (e.g., climate change and energy security; relations among the United States, Israel and Iran), and around interests of specific groups (e.g., women; youth).   These gatherings have been well received by participants and have resulted in a variety of promising projects.


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